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Become a member of FØL Norway

We at FØL Norway work to raise the standard of living of those who have the least in Norway. To achieve this we need:
1.We need more community and more solidarity.

2. Important to secure basic rights.

3.Reduce socio-economic inequality and social exclusion at national level.

We will contribute with good cohesion, many dedicated voices and a wide range of issues you can get involved in. 

We fight for everyone to have an income to live on. We respond to hearings and we have a dialogue with parliamentary representatives, where we present our cases. We participate in meetings and stand together with our members and partners. We hold lectures and debates on topics that deal with our work. 

We have an international collaboration that also shows how we can find solutions and ideas that work well across borders. This means that we will constantly ensure that our work is aimed at the future. 

A membership with us means that we can get even stronger and wider legs and stand on. And more people will listen to us. Furthermore, the weight of an organization is the members. It is all the members who set the guidelines we work with. 

Our cooperation partners are many with membership in the Welfare Alliance EAPN Norway stands together with 22 other organisations. In cooperation with Batteriene i Norge, there are many more organizations across the country that are also in the same network. 

We have collaborations with many organizations where we collaborate on certain conferences or events. Other partners are to strengthen each other and give each other knowledge across the organisations. This gives us important knowledge and increased competence. We believe that the more people who stand together, the stronger we become, and the more we will be able to create together.

Together we can hopefully also carry out a proper charity for several vulnerable groups in Norway. If you are also concerned with raising the importance of a dignified life for people on work settlement allowance, pensioners, disabled people, social welfare clients and other low-paid workers, this is the organization for you!

The annual fee for membership in FØL is set at NOK 150 (low rate), NOK. 250 (middle rate) or NOK 350 (high rate). You decide for yourself based on your finances which rate you want to use. 

If you sign up now, your membership is valid for the rest of the year.

Register here by choosing a rate:


FØL is a relatively new organization with limited funds. For this reason, donations and gifts are very useful in our work! Support us by using one of the buttons below:


If it is desirable to support us with a different amount, direct payments can be made to our vipp's account is used for this:528888

Donations can also be transferred to our bank account:1506.10.60542.


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