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Welcome to Feel Norway! We are a voluntary organization dedicated to  

fight poverty in Norway and shed light on how cuts in welfare benefits and  lack of action affects individuals. Our goal is to get politicians to  understand that many of the cuts they have implemented have serious consequences  for the most vulnerable groups in society, who do not have the opportunity to improve  their financial situation on their own. Which in turn can have a negative effect on  Norwegian society.


We believe in justice and inclusion, and work hard to create increased awareness of the challenges faced by people in poverty. We want to be a voice for those who are not heard. Through active influence, we want to ensure that those affected by these issues get the support they need and maintain a dignified standard of living. Through our efforts, we contribute to a fairer and more inclusive welfare policy that takes everyone's needs into account. Our goal is therefore to contribute to creating a society through increased awareness of the poverty situation in the country, to break down barriers that prevent participation and inclusion, and not least to contribute to creating a society where no one is left behind and where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential. 

Matters of our hearts

The situation of the low-paid

People on disability benefits, the unemployed, pensioners and other low-income earners are often in a  challenging financial situation. Despite applying for various support schemes,  such as housing benefit and social benefits, it is often not sufficient to cover their  financial needs. Many become dependent on help from family and relatives to  manage. Others even have to apply for social benefits to pay basic expenses. The increasing poverty in Norway also affects the  who are in full-time employment. This is an alarming reality that requires our  immediate attention and action. These challenges are something FEEL  Norway takes it very seriously, where we want to influence and create change. 

the nAv system

NAV is an essential part of our welfare system. With NAV, the state and  municipality to offer a door to the public employment and welfare services, for  to ensure social and economic security and promote the transition to work and  Activity. In other words, the aim of NAV is to create an inclusive society,  an inclusive working life and a well-functioning labor market. NAV is therefore a  part of the safety net in the welfare state, Norway. Unfortunately, NAV has its  challenges that need immediate attention. Our safety net has  got big gaps, and far too many people fall through. More and more people are experiencing  strong financial uncertainty and lack of sufficient income security. Something that  results in more people feeling excluded and outside society. Unfortunately,  the experience for many far from what NAV has as a vision of how it should 

be for the users

Housing for all

Everyone has the right to a home, not just a place to live. At FØL Norway, we believe that  a place to live should be more than just four walls – it should be a place where you feel  you safe, stability and continuity and not least a place you can create an emotional attachment to. Today, there are many people who rent housing with time-limiting contracts, whether it is from the municipality or privately. This creates a lot of uncertainty and no opportunity to establish oneself due to a lack of continuity. For many, this will mean moving in the middle of a school year or during a difficult period. FØL Norway believes that everyone who wants it should have  opportunity to own their own home. Therefore, we believe that the housing bank must increase its loan limits for low-wage groups in order to combat housing social inequality, which can also contribute to creating safe and good conditions for everyone, and not just a few  selected group of people. FØL Norway therefore wants to influence a future  where everyone can own their own home. 


dentist to


Dental health is part of our overall health. Dental health affects us both physically and  psychologically when it is not in order. Unfortunately, there are many who struggle with  dental problems as a consequence of medication or medical treatments.  Nevertheless, many have to cover these expenses themselves. It costs the Norwegian state 13  billions of kroner to ensure that everyone can smile. This is a modest investment in  compared to the enormous strain many experience due to poor  dental health today. FEEL Norway believes the state should take more responsibility for prioritizing  dental health on an equal footing with other health. It is time to ensure equal access to  dental treatment and make it more accessible and affordable for  everyone. This will improve many people's overall well-being and quality of life

the board of föl norge

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