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Our partners

FØL Norway has several partners to jointly achieve our goals and fight poverty in Norway. Our most important partner is our members, who contribute to increased visibility. In order for us to be able to engage the population and put pressure on politicians, we depend on having partners who work towards the same goal. All our partners contribute in different ways, which in turn will give more back to our members. 


The welfare alliance EAPN Norway is a politically independent cooperation network of 21 organisations, associations and groups, which work to strengthen the position of economically, socially and legally disadvantaged people.


The Welfare Alliance works for an active and inclusive welfare society where no one is left out, and to abolish all poverty in Norway.


Lawyers Clemetsen & Mohammad AS is located in the center of Oslo. We assist people all over the country in various matters. It is our wish to be easily accessible and we therefore offer free and non-binding legal advice for both existing and new clients. We assist both private individuals and small businesses in many areas of law. Our lawyers have extensive procedural experience from courts and county boards.

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